Who We Are

We are a brokerage committed to addressing market inefficiencies that make it difficult for African and Afrodiasporan businesses to participate fully in global markets. Our organization focuses on three industries where Africans and Afrodisporans have contributed in various ways but have not reaped the benefits of those contributions: beauty, food and agriculture, and the creative arts. We believe that this problem cannot be solved by traditional economics driven approaches, but must be tempered with a sociological and anthropological lens.

What We Seek to Do

01. Build TrusT

Address issues of information asymmetry that exist between communities of color on the continent and in the diaspora through print, video and audio media.

02. Build Community

Leverage network effects by developing communities of practice and innovation platforms to build bonds between African and Afrodiasporan businesses.

03. build knowledge

Systematically catalogue, assess and inform African and Afrodiasporan businesses in the food, beauty and creative spaces with data, information and analysis.

04. build wealth

Connect businesses, invest in businesses and develop products/ services to address specific impediments to scale and growth (ie. transport, human capital, etc.)

Build Black Spaces

Create physical spaces where all of the aforementioned activities can be housed globally. Spaces where there is trust and community, where people can access the necessary business resources they need and where, ultimately, we can house and archive the achievements of Afrodiasporan businesses around the world.