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The word "Mojisola" means "Wake up to wealth"--- and that's exactly what we hope you do when you read this newsletter. Start your day with a wealth of information that will give you needed insight into what Afrodiasporans are doing in the beauty, creative and food industries (check our about page for the backstory. Then, once you have had your fill, you can pass it on to friends! Why? Because wealth is a function of two fundamental things: access to information and the power to use that information to innovate, solve problems and cash out on those problem solving ideas. This newsletter is our contribution to access to information and we hope to move into the next phase of action in the near future (so watch this space!). Our motto is simple: Stack Paper (knowledge, degrees, money, etc.). Make it Rain (on our communities GLOBALLY). Repeat (do it again for the yoot dem).  This cycle requires that we are enlightened enough to turn knowledge into commercial activity that will engage our communities and allow for us to reinvest.


Good... hopefully they will be answered as you become more familiar with our work.

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